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Political post ahead

I've been pretty much MIA the last week and it's mainly due to the insanity currently gripping my country. My twitter is all politics all the time (sorry to anyone looking for fandom stuff) and my FB is basically a battleground between my pro-Trump Uncle and I. I've been unable to take my attention from either one of those to focus on anything fandom-related and I apologize since it means I immediately fail in some of my resolutions to write more.

Apparently, being enraged and terrified by what's happening lends itself to writer's block.

I've sending money left and right to places like Planned Parenthood and the ACLU. Mom and I have been watching livestreams of the protests in Orlando and Boston while making our signs for NYC and talking about how the country is on figurative fire, what this means for the future, and the fact that after a lifetime of idolizing MLK Jr, FDR, TR, Washington, and Jefferson, I'm not going to flee for Canada (or Scotland as my friend A demands) but I'm going to stand and fight. My father, of course, wanted me to understand that things are going to get worse before they get better--he watched it during the 60s & 70s re: civil rights & Vietnam--and I told him that I expect it because this is only the first week: These cowards are only getting started.

That said, I'm not sure what's going to happen in the coming weeks. I may be on more as I need breaks from reality, I may be on less as I get my ass to more marches, I may be on the exact same amount. Hopefully in the very least, since I always have homework to do, I'll be able to get some fills/writing done in between moments of cursing at my computer because I've been stumped by yet another anatomy & physiology question.
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I did 2 fills today on comment_fic. One HP (Harry/Hermione/Draco), one SG Multiverse (Deaged AU). I've got a few more prompts I'd like to get something written for this week, plus some additional work on the 007 AU. I still need to look at the romancingmcshep prompts for something additional to work on (also back up in case the AU does to me what Catalyst did to me last year and turns into a monster that I barely finished on time).

I've slowed down posting prompts a bit, which I blame on how tired I was last week from work. I intend to get back in the habit this week since things look like they'll be a bit better: one of our vets is on a month-long vacation to Australia & New Zealand and there's only so much covering the other two vets can do, so like as not, we'll have the opportunity to take days off/leave early. It'll give me time for the comm and for homework which I definitely will need this semester.

Follow up on cats: strawberry mint tea when sapped out of a rug onto a towel with white stripes looks like cat pee and smells just enough like it to question your sanity. Both of my terrors (boy & girl) are fine, thankfully, despite having a mama who can be tricked by tea.