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Fic: Stay Alive, John/Rodney pre-slash. Teen.

Title: Stay Alive
Fandom: Stargate: Atlantis
Pairing: John/Rodney Pre-Slash
Rating: Teen
Summary: Goddamn Genii meteor shower.
Notes: NASA AU. Social Media fic.

Written for this prompt on comment_fic.

Technical Malfunction on @ATLANTIS. #MissionTwo

Rodney McKay PhD PhD @JSCFlightDirector
@ZelenkaJSC Where the hell are you?

R. Zelenka @ZelenkaJSC
@JSCFlightDirector On my way. #CallMe


Was anyone else just watching NASA TV? Did a fucking meteor just hit the space station?

#ATLANTIS #Space Husband

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LOS. @ATLANTIS #MissionTwo

Dr. Elizabeth Weir @NASADirector
We are working to determine the reason for @ATLANTIS' loss of signal. Please direct all questions to @NASAMedia.

@NASA Direct Messages
Dr. Elizabeth Weir @NASADirector
Turn off the data update auto-post!

Rodney McKay PhD PhD @JSCFlightDirector
@ChucktheCampbell @CarterofABYDOS Phones. Answer. Now.


5:44am – Source states that many of NASA's employees are being called in. This includes former astronauts of the ABYDOS/COMMAND Missions, Dr. Samantha Carter and Colonel Jonathan O'Neill, Ret.

5:18am – We are hearing from a source within Mission Control, whom asked not to be named, that following the Genii Meteor Shower, all transmissions between Earth and the ATLANTIS space station ceased. NASA is unsure at this time whether the station is having a technical malfunction or if the station incurred damage during the latter part of the shower.

Samantha Carter, Astra @CarterofABYDOS
@JacksonJPL Is Jack with you?

JPL Linguistics @JacksonJPL
@CarterofABYDOS Just got to his house. Will have him in front of a camera ASAP.


(My father is curled up on the floor, rocking back and forth.)
Me: You know they're probably just sensationalizing this, right?
Dad: Go away and let me be anxious in peace.

#dramatic #ATLANTIS

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NASA MediaTalk @NASAMedia
@CaribbeanOrphan @ATLANTIS was built to take quite a bit of abuse from space debris, so our focus is on a technical failure, not structural.

NASA MediaTalk @NASAMedia
@DragonFyre2029 2 satellites are always watching @ATLANTIS. 1 is being moved to give us a better view of the radio transmitters on bow.


9:01am – A press conference to be held at 10am this morning with Director of NASA Dr. Elizabeth Weir, Flight Director Radek Zelenka, and the Instrumentation and Communications Officer (INCO) Walter Harriman.

8:56am – Per our source, the Oracle satellite has been moved into position and begun sending images back to Mission Control in Houston. There is damage to ATLANTIS of a severe nature, but the source states that is not considered catastrophic.

JACK @JONeillAstronut
@JSCFlightDirector You're gonna want to see this.

Rodney McKay PhD PhD @JSCFlightDirector
@JONeillAstronut Delete that before the internet is at Elizabeth's door.

Dr. Elizabeth Weir @NASADirector
@JSCFlightDirector @JONeillAstronut They're already here. Please use the internal message system until after 10am.

JACK @JONeillAstronut
@NASADirector @JSCFlightDirector Wilco.

Guysguysguys, go check out the NASA App! The Oracle satellite was pointed toward the Pegasus Dwarf Irregular Galaxy and automatically posted any picture taken and here's the thing: NASA didn't turn off that feature when they transferred it to look at ATLANTIS! Fresh pics of the station and someone's doing an EVA!

#NASA FTW #There's an app for that #Who wants to bet that it's Sheppard?

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LETTERS Message System, Access: JPL, S. Siler.
MCKAY (09:41:03): What do they have up there to patch a hole 5m x 2m?
SILER (09:41:31): Well, they've got sheet metal and parts for the Lagrangian Point satellite in the payload.
MCKAY (09:41:50): Sheet metal. Great, they're going to put a bandaid on a sucking wound.
SILER (09:42:17): Sucking wound is the least of their issues if they don't get their comms back.
MCKAY (09:42:42): Thank you for that moronic and unnecessary reminder.
SILER (09:43:00): You're welcome.


11:25am – Mission Control source states that confirmation has been made: a member of the crew is attempting repairs to the damaged section of ATLANTIS.

10:41am – The press briefing with the Director of NASA ended minutes ago. Dr. Elizabeth Weir was firm that she does not think this event is anything like the ARCTURUS disaster, and expects that NASA will find some way to contact the astronauts within the next few hours.

When asked if her statement meant that they had confirmation that the ATLANTIS crew was alive, she replied, “We have no expectation that the damage to the bow in anyway harmed them. ATLANTIS' life support system has a lockdown procedure in place that would have sealed the pertainent airlocks the moment it detected a decompression event.”

She did not comment on the NASA App photos.

10:29am – The NASA app, which until moments ago, has been updating with photos taken of the crippled space station. Some believe a small white figure in one photo could be Commander John Sheppard doing an EVA of the damage.

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#JohnSheppard 18.7K Tweets
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#GeniiMeteorShower 19K Tweets
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Call Me John @ColJSheppard
@NASA For the record, @SpecialistDex can sleep through the Decompression alarm. #YouCantTakeMySleepFromMe #OhLookAHole

Rodney McKay PhD PhD @JSCFlightDirector
@ColJSheppard Oh, good, you're not dead.

@NASADirector Direct Messages
Rodney McKay PhD PhD @JSCFlightDirector
He's not dead. I'm ordering pizza.

Contact has been made with @ColJSheppard. @ATLANTIS #MissionTwo


i swear to god, i have a lie-in one time and sleep through a fucking world event.

#atlantis #those motherfuckers are the luckiest crew ever #is sheppard fixing atlantis by himself? #hardcore

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Tags: fanfic, foiled by thermodynamics, john/rodney, sga

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