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12 March 2016 @ 10:58 pm
Future godmother  
The Nephew's birthday party was today. I seriously love that kid--he's just as happy on the sofa with us playing Fallout 4 as he is running around with his cousins--and I had a good time if a little tiring because children. They also revealed the gender of the Unborn Niece. Which I called it from day one: I knew it was a girl. I may have done a dance. And was then asked to be godmother.

Seriously, I'm over the moon. My brother's death left me believing that my chance to be a godmother was long gone. My best friend and I have known each other nearly 20 years, but she has a large family and plenty of people to choose from as godparents to her children, and while she had said before that I was godmother to subsequent kids, I didn't quite believe it. I also come from that same kind of family background and there's always an expectation that those duties fall to people you are blood-related to, which is totally understandable and fine. Being asked... it gives me a tie to her and the family that I haven't had before as "D's best friend" or "Close friend of the family". It's... something I've needed, really. D & her hubby said before that I would never be an only child (as it were) because they would be my family and they keep showing to me that they are. I don't know if I will ever be able to thank them enough.

Anyway, the emotions were a little heavy for me after that, so I came home and spontaneously bought a PS4. Because that's what 30 year olds should do, randomly buy a gaming console. I blame D's husband for it since I spent part of the evening in the family room with him and D's sister's husband S playing Fallout 4. I mean, I've been saving for one for a while, squirreling away money here and there, but I'd been planning to save it as my birthday gift to myself. Instead, it will be arriving Wednesday.

Now I am off to read through comment_fic's latest entry for prompts and hope I can get some SGA written; I've been on a The Martian binge and my head has been filled with Watney for a few days.
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