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Been home sick for the better part of the week, not what I wanted-I was almost into overtime-but with the way the weather's been lately, I think it surprises no one around me that I managed to catch the office virus which was then compounded by a sinus infection.

Upside, I've spent the time I wasn't passed out or puking to fill some prompts on comment_fic and picked a new layout. I've still got to work on putting tags into the metadata, but for the most part I like it. I probably should have done some homework in there somewhere, but even at 30, I feel that puking automatically gives you a reason to procrastinate on that. I'll probably spend the weekend working on it instead. :/

Oh, who am I kidding? I'm going to spend the weekend writing fic and then cram all my homework in to Sunday afternoon. Terrifyingly I'm getting straight As and this is not the first time this semester than I'm cramming all of my homework into one evening. I think my entire collegiate career was completed in the same way.
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