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13 January 2016 @ 12:56 pm
Well It's Been A Long, Long Time  
I think the last time I actually did more than just use LJ to post to the kink memes was... 2007? 2008? Jesus, that's a long fucking time. Unsurprisingly, when almost a decade goes by and you go back and re-read your younger years, sometimes you make the decision to sit down and make a few changes and among them is the new LJ. Hopefully I'll be better to this one than I've been to the line of wordpress blogs I tried to keep up in the intervening years; granted, Wordpress I was trying to be an adult and tbh, I'm just a geek who likes her slash and misses the hay-day of SGA fandom something fierce.

So, anyway, new LJ, new place to post fic.
: tired
: Stargate: Atlantis, "Aurora"