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Freezing Cold LJ

Came home from Florida to weather that can't decide if it wants to emulate frozen tundra or if it wants to move on to spring... this is ridiculous. Two days ago it was sweater temps and now I freeze if I walk outside. Damn you, winter. Which I say knowing that I want to move to Massachusetts. *sigh*

I fell into comment_fic and have been watching the posts this week. I wanted to track a few of the comments (in case they were filled before I got home from work to maybe fill them myself) and realized that, oh yeah, it's a paid account feature. I had my old account for so long-and it was a paid one-that I never thought about the fact that it would be a bonus thing. So, yes, I shelled out to make my one month old LJ paid. I'm such a sucker.

On the upside, tracking feature means I now have prompts sitting in the account for me to play with. Downside, I really shouldn't be spending twenty bucks on LJ, but I did it anyway. Let's call a very early birthday present. (And a present that means I can customize my layout. Huzzah.)

I've taken a break from fic to focus on homework since Radiology and A&P are kicking my ass this semester. I swear, it's like it takes days for my brain to wrap around the simplest things: I forgot where an artery in a foot was. I feel it all the time, but putting on a BP cuff in surgery the other day, I turned the damn thing upside down. Yes, brain, that doesn't look at all moronic in front of your proctor. *facepalm repeatedly* I will get this stuff down. I will.
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