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21 February 2016 @ 11:30 am
Hello Florida  
Mom and I came down to Orlando for a few days of Disney. I've been braindead from work and school, and since my favorite patient had to be put to sleep Friday, I was more than willing to get out of New York for a bit. I'm still terrible at flying, though--thank God I brought my laptop, though I wish I'd remembered my damn portable HD since I no longer keep a lot of movies/TV on the computer itself. Still, we're heading over to Disney this evening and I always relax once you stick me on a ride, so the HD is moot anyway. :p

Been sporadically working on the various fics I have going over the last few days. Nothing much has come, mainly because I keep getting stuck but I'm hopeful that I can get something finished before the end of March. I'd really like it to be some of the Catalyst 'verse that I've been working on or Morituri since I've been working on that since November.
: blah
: Wind outside, passing cars