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16 February 2016 @ 07:17 pm
Work & Fic  
Today was another nuts day at work. Somehow a third dental managed to sneak in on a day when there's only supposed to be 2 scheduled, and the last one was on the table until 4pm having his teeth cleaned and his jaw wired. And then I ducked out after my office manager yelled at me for something that someone else was supposed to do. Happy Tuesday! I'm glad I splurged and got the girls to order lunch from the good Latin place nearby.

I spent half my break on the lunch-room couch trying to get some more fleshing down for the ABO and Rationing/Starving Atlantis AUs I've been working on. Unfortunately, no real progress there, as my brain got stuck on a Catalyst Verse re-telling of Last Man/Search & Rescue, that'll eventually somehow lead to a sex swing. My brain really is an interesting place to live sometimes. I'll try working on it tonight and tomorrow, in between researching all things Canis for the ABO fic. Hopefully I can get some more fic completed before I leave for Florida this weekend.
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: calm
: Stargate: Atlantis, "Echoes"