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Fic: Lives Lived in Parallel. John/Rodney, Teen.

Title: Lives Lived in Parallel
Pairing: John/Rodney
Rating: Teen
Word Count: 3527
Summary: There had always been something different about them.
Warnings: Past child abuse.
Notes: Post-Series, Autistic characters.

This all came from seeing this on Tumblr: Okay, so, I firmly believe that John Sheppard is on the autism spectrum, but like, a fic where both John and Rodney are autistic, and so they’re both kind of idiots when it comes to other people, and so neither of them know the other has been flirting with them for years now, or maybe they’re having trouble flirting in a traditional enough manor that the other one gets it, and just, cute autistic babies being stupidly adorable.

And I wrote a fic in 8 hours. (On AO3 due to formatting.)
Tags: fanfic, john/rodney, sga

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