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Fucking Fridays

Most people celebrate Fridays. I dread them.

Fridays at the animal hospital are a bit like playing russian roulette: you can walk in to an empty kennel, a half-filled schedule, and a full staff, OR you can walk in to a full kennel, a full schedule, and not enough staff. Today I was blasted with the latter and I ended up working the treatment room in a dark blue button down with oatmeal leggings and furry brown boots because I was supposed to be on reception. Not a complaint because I love being in the treatment room, but fuck those boots are not meant for standing/running/being in surgery with for nine and half hours straight. I'm definitely going to be stashing a pair of old sneakers with insoles at work from now on.

I was able to do my first cysto today though so that was freaking awesome. One more thing to tick off for school. And one of our vets had me helping her with bladder surgery. <3

I'm still wavering on posting the Autistic!John/Autistic!Rodney story I wrote the other day. I drew from mine and my brother's lives to write some parts and I think it makes it a little more close to my heart. It's also a bit of a different format than I've ever written before, not sure how it'll read. I'm not sure at all if I'll post it or if I'll start posting parts of Morituri te Salutant that's been sitting on my HD. I'll see how I feel in the morning.
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