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Bitten by the fic bug

Well, I just wrote another fic in approximately 8 hours. Brain, can we focus some of that vigor on the Avengers Foster Kids sequel? Or the next story in the Pike Raises Jim Kirk series? I'd take so much as a snippet for either of those. Nope? It's all SGA, all the time? All right then.

I accept that I am back in SGA fandom if only as an outsider, but damn if the fic writing isn't taking over my life a little. It's a bit entertaining to my coworkers now that I bring my laptop in with me everyday. They just shrug because they think it's for school, but no. I be ficcing on my lunch break--it's where I edited Catalyst actually, and Master Yourself. And I've been working on an older fic, one with the Ori-Destroy-Earth-Atlantis-Survives trope, that I've been getting some serious work done on. Hopefully I can use this writing deluge to flesh out some more of that.

Speaking of school, I managed to get the last part of my homework in to my professor this morning after a panic attack and before the computer had a fucking aneurysm, causing me to spend 34 minutes on the phone with tech support. For the record, Dell is suckful. I've had Dells for a decade now since they were halfway decent and I could afford them, but this one... I spent 650$ on a 17 inch touchscreen laptop, had a pixel die a month after I got it, and have had to call tech support twice for shit like it randomly deciding the AC adapter is a USB and drivers deleting themselves. I have no idea what brand I'll go with next, but damned if it'll be Dell.
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