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Convention Ho!

So after months of saving up and planning, K and I have purchased our Stargate Chicago convention tickets, booked the hotel, and set up the rental car. My mother is supplying us with the plane tickets, so all we have to do from here until September is save up every penny we can.

I'm so excited! I've done Supernatural cons with a friend, but I never got the chance to do a Stargate Con in the hayday of the fandom--was too dirt poor--and I always regretted that. I'm grateful I finally have the chance to do it now. And with one of my best friends, a friendship I made because of SGA.

We're getting a photo with Hewlett together and I may bring him something dorky because why the hell not; I'm going to buy her the photo with Michael since she's been in love with him forever. If I can scrounge up enough money I might even get one with Joe or Torri, though I may just get one with Nykl because Zelenka. <3
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