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Thank fuck that it's Friday: the boss fired my work bestie on Monday and that puts me on the desk one day a week training one of the other girls. By 5pm, I was increasing the number of beers I was planning to down before bed. I even have a close friend I made while I was in SGA fandom years ago whom also attended my college (but the former is why we even discovered that) coming to visit and I plan to gorge her on pizza and beer.

Tomorrow I post the next story I wrote for Romancing McShep. ~21000 words and kind of domestic and angsty and I'm tempted to write a few side pieces to explain a few bits and pieces that didn't get background within the fic. Things like why John speaks Dutch of all languages and his mother's death, Rodney's parents, all that jazz. I might work on some over the next few days between activities and homework.
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