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Ball of Nervous

For Romancing McShep 2016, I picked the 4th, 6th, and 9th, and I'm having mild panic attacks that I'm almost to the posting dates. I've re-read the stories a few times each, edited, and had a friend read them, but I'm still nervous as all hell to post them. It really has been forever since I wrote anything for any fandom and many years especially since I wrote McShep.

I'm terrified that I got the voices wrong, that my writing style isn't something readers would like. I've spent so long on the kink memes that I'm not sure if I make passages too short. I don't know if I should have someone else beta on top of my friend who mostly looked for grammar/spelling errors. How the hell would I even find a beta? Ack.

I guess I'll find out tomorrow when I post the medium length fic. Prompt #120 first where the prompt was probably meant more sexually and I turned it into a permanent injury AU, then prompt #106 where I went off the rails, and then prompt #32 where I'm not entirely sure the damn thing makes sense.

Time to stop rambling.

I needed to do homework--I've got a practical and 2 quizzes plus 2 written assignments due this week--and put away my laundry that's been sitting there, washed for two days... so I did my taxes. Yep, that's me: "I have responsibilities... let's avoid them by doing the Ultimate Adult Task: The Tax Return." My brain is a strange, strange place.

On the upside I'm getting 1700$ back which will promptly go to pay off a few of my debts as well as buying my ticket for Chicago SG Con. On the downside, fuck that money is going to be gone in minutes. At least I'll be able to say goodbye to a few debt collectors. :/ I swear, if I'd known what would happen, I would never have taken out the student loans I did for a degree I'm not using.

Not much I can about it now, alas, so at least what I've paid toward the loans helped me get a better return. Well, that and the fact that I'm still in school. I'm still poor, but that degree is keeping me from filing bankruptcy.
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