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Let's face it: I'm a flake

So that's what? 1 post in a year? Okay, so I've been a bit of a flake the last while. I'd blame work, COVID, dog training, poor health, but really, it was my untreated ADHD. Now that it's under control-thank the universe for non-stimulant medications-and I can think straight, I've started porting in old kink meme fills to AO3 and reading older fic in a couple of fandoms. It's nice to have something of an attention span again.

I'll be going back to read fic from a few people I adore and miss (and I hope are doing well despite my absences). I make no promises that I'll be doing more writing or frequent posting, as I am doing better mentally but I also recently discovered that my 10 year old cat, Ianto, who I've always said is the only man in my life, has bone cancer in his pelvis. It was a complete shock and a lot of my attention as of late has gone to him; while the cancer is a slow-growth type in cats, it has already been growing for about 6-9 months, during which time one of his kidneys became large and cystic. This is on top of the heart disease he's had since he was young. While I hope he sees his 11th birthday in September, I am not pinning all my hope on that and I'm trying to keep him comfortable and loved until the day comes.

As for myself, my health is continuing to deteriorate, but oddly I'm not unable to function like I have in the past. I go for another MRI tomorrow and I have a tilt-table test scheduled for August. We'll see what the results show, but at this point, between that, the hip dysplasia, the back pain, vertigo, etc, I know I'm on the downslope of my career in vet med. I considered vet school and transitioning out of the nursing aspect to a DVM, but I know I'd be miserable, so I may move to a receptionist position in the next few years or a WFH as a medical coding/billing if I can complete a certificate. We'll see.

How is everyone? Hanging in there?
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