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Today marks the end of my 2nd week with the new clinic. So far, it's started to really feel comfortable and I've started being able to find things and do things without help from the others. I am, of course, paranoid to let the universe know I'm feeling happy and optimistic, but so far so good.

That said, today was a little crazier than it's been since I started and my hip and shoulder are really feeling it. While the previous clinic had lift tables and did nothing on the floor, the new one keeps the heavier/larger pets on the floor for us and them. I'm fine with it, but it gives the bigger dogs more leverage to get away from me which with my right side currently not great, doesn't make things easy. Still, I'm hoping I'll be able to get through the conditioning my body needs to get used to it.

I didn't mention it previously, but I am enacting what I call my back up plan: I'm going to start a Medical Billing/Coding Certificate program in the spring. I'm hoping that by the time I complete it, I will have more information on my conditions and a better idea of what I need to do to stay healthy. I may be able to use it for a second income or, if it turns out to be better for me, a full-time income. I may never use it either, but my psych degree, unfortunately, would require far more to get me into a career I'd enjoy and I don't think I can physically or mentally do it.

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