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Six Months Later

Well, we're a half a year into COVID and life has gotten pretty odd for the majority of us, I think. I know for me that switching to a one-day-a-week shopping day has been draining if only because I don't often have the energy levels needed for all the errands. I have started going out here and there just to hit the Dollar Tree or Rite Aid.

I have, unfortunately, come to the realization that my body is beginning to fail me. While I look perfectly healthy, this year has brought me a worsening of my gastroparesis and several new diagnoses and doctors. At the suggestion of several of my treating professionals, Hannah is being trained for service work including mobility. I've been requested to stop working as well because of the physical tax it is taking on me, but stubborn as I am, I am not ready to admit defeat.

Despite needing more time off this year to figure out my health, I did ultimately leave the vet clinic I was at. After 12 years, I knew I needed a change and was offered a position at a clinic 7 minutes from my home. I started there 17 September and so far am glad I made the change: it's a smaller clinic that has a relaxed atmosphere and a kind staff. I already needed a day off for an appointment in NYC and they were very professional and had no issues with it. I'm exceedingly grateful for it.

All that said, I haven't done as much writing as I'd hoped the extra time would allow. Due to the anxiety and depression wrought by 2020, I have mostly spent my days working on training with Hannah, watching Disney+, and playing Animal Crossing New Horizons. It's hard to admit that, honestly, as I've always turned to reading and writing when times were bad, but all the mental issues have manifested in my ADHD, making anything more than a few sentences at a time difficult. (TBH, this post may be the longest thing I've written in a continuous stretch in a while!) Hopefully that will begin to change. *fingers crossed* I have returned to the SW fic I began in January and while I don't normally post WIPs, I think it'll help me to finish the story.
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