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Today sucks

I love my job: I spend all day with animals. Whether they're sick and we're comforting them or they're kittens or puppies and we're loving on them, I really do enjoy my job. But then there's days like today where I know that when I leave, I will be consuming at least two beers and a pizza by myself.

My absolute favorite patient came in today. He's a long-term medical case--heart failure--but he'd been doing so well. And we (the vet I work with and I) love his owners to pieces, since they're kind and very loving. The pet is a cat, orange with big old paws and sweet as all hell despite looking like grumpy cat; he'd been doing so well, I can't stress that enough, then last week he came in 120cc of fluid on his heart and today, for his recheck, the vet and I realized that this is it. We're nearly to the end. We burst into tears and I'm holding them back now.

I can't wait to get out of here tonight, order a pizza and pick up some hard cider. I need to homework, but I think I'll write something angsty instead and try to forget that soon my favorite patient won't be here.

Seriously, if you ever wonder what it's like for your vet staff, we love them as much as we love our own pets and though we try not to cry in front of you, we do. Every fucking time.
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