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My doctor called at 7:40 this morning to tell me that I am negative for COVID 19, which is a relief but also concerning because it means I am still in danger of potentially getting it. I started antibiotics on Sunday to treat what is likely an underlying infection of some kind, so hopefully it breaks the fever entirely-it's down in the morning, back up in the evening-and I can get a chance to go back to work instead of just sitting around on my butt.

Because of Hannah, I had to take a temporary stop in writing this week as with me being home, she wasn't getting the same exercise/play time that she was getting at work and at daycare, which in turn made bedtime a little bit difficult and that's my primary writing time. Today, she was able to go to her daycare, however, and that means I'll have a chance to pull up Google Docs and work.

Hopefully everyone is well. <3
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