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Stay At Home Day 16

Still waiting on my test results, but assuming they'll be negative since I'm feeling a little bit better breathing-wise. The fever is lingering; this morning it was down a bit, but this afternoon it was back to 100. I'm tempted to start the antibiotics my doc prescribed and see if the fever breaks, but she really didn't want me to yet so I'm torn.

I'm looking into another lawyer to get a second perspective before I proceed with filing bankruptcy, but obviously that's on-hold at the moment unless it becomes a necessity.

Otherwise, how is everyone? I know a lot of people are having trouble being home and trapped inside like this. I'm grateful that I live in a house on a sparse street so I can go outside without feeling like I'm endangering someone, but so many people I know live in apartments. I hope everyone's managing as best they can. <3
Tags: covid19, life

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