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Someone sling prompts at me. I need the distraction(s), although my desire to write has just tanked the last few weeks because of everything...

I'll reply to comments this week, since, well, I have 2 weeks off from work--paid, thankfully--as my boss is freaking out about coronavirus. I've been around, hitting refresh on my reading/friends pages, though I haven't had the attention span to do more than scroll through.

I spoke with 1 lawyer so far who recommends I file chapter 13, doing a particular program through the county court that's 3450$ after all the fees. I want to speak with another lawyer, just to see if that recommend the same thing, but there aren't too many lawyers in my area that deal with bankruptcy. I also have to talk with my parents since I feel like this is something that I'm going to need their help with in the long run, which is just a conversation I have been dreading so much I keep putting it off.

But they're in Florida at the moment, so I've been drinking white claw while I clean the house and get the place ready in case I have to go to the hospital. With the coronavirus panic, I've picked up extras of my medication including my maintenance inhaler; I'm waiting for refills on a few others. The cats and the dog are all set for food and water, just have to change the litterboxes; the dishes need to be done and I need to vacuum, but the laundry is caught up. For the moment, I'm taking my victories where I can get them.

Hope everyone is safe right now.
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