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Crazy Week

The last week has been a roller coaster.

After my last post, I went to work and had what was probably my worst day there in 12 years. Long story I don't want to get into... I am still there working, but I have quietly put applications out with a few local animal hospitals with good reviews. We'll see what comes of it or if I decide to stick it out at the current clinic for a little while longer.

Emotionally though, it really set me back as I was finally coming off my anxiety medication and I am going back to my normal strength to deal with the stress this caused. My ADHD may need medicating too, but I'm hoping just controlling my anxiety may help the ADHD to improve and I can avoid the meds for that.

I brought home the puppy on Thursday and her name has remained as it was at the rescue: Hannah. Which turned into Hannah Rose. Which then became Hannah Rose Dameron because all of my pets actually have 3 names. (Hi, I'm Aivix, and I'm a little bit eccentric.)

Currently I'm trying to get she and I on a routine that suits us and so far, she's been great. I'll post a picture of her later, when I'm a little more focused.
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