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Darn lungs

I hate winter. The ridiculous cold at the beginning of the week triggered my asthma and the last 3 days have been a delight of running the warm humidifier, scrounging up prednisone from a prescription I didn't finish while I waited for my pulmonologist appointment, and abusing my rescue inhaler by using it the maximum amount I could. Between my GP and the pulmonologist's nurses, I once again own a nebulizer and it's been the driving force between yesterday and today to feeling less like my chest is in a vice.

I did spend some of yesterday doing some writing on the Star Wars story and an Endgame story that's been kicking around since last year, and did a lot of reading. I also updated the Dreamwidth layout since the previous one just wasn't doing it for me after all the edits, both profile codes, and organized the icons onto my new chromebook so I can match the ones on LJ to the ones on DW.

Now, since I was supposed to work this weekend and had to swap with a coworker to accommodate the asthma attack, I want to go back through comment_fic and find prompts to work on.

Edit @ 5:53pm
Well, my plan went out the window. Spent my day at the hospital instead since my pulmonologist was concerned that I might have a blood clot. After hours, I can confirm I do not and it truly is just my asthma kicking my ass. I'm so wiped out that I think I'm just going to take a shower and drown myself in YouTube.
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