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New Chromebook

After spending quite some time reading reviews and watching YouTube videos, I finally decided I wanted either the Asus Flip C434 or (shockingly) the HP x360 14 in white and gold. I figured I'd watch for a sale and then whichever one went below 450$ first would be the one I got. Ironically enough, it turned out that Best Buy had the HP for 399$.

So I am now the proud owner of a brand new 14" Chromebook that I spent yesterday writing over a thousand words on. It's amazing how much easier it is to edit on a larger screen, too, though it's so light that I can easily see myself dropping it if I'm not careful. Definitely going to have to invest in a case or something of the like.

That said, I've taken it to work today so I can work on fic and hopefully get something posted soon. It's been so long since I posted anything, it's almost nerve-wracking!
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