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Random Saturday Post

Well this week has been... interesting. It must've been a full moon because work has been pure insanity: overscheduled on procedures, understaffed because everyone is sick, clients showing up 30 minutes to an hour before their appointments, multiple clients coming in on the wrong day and then asking, "Well, we're here, any way you can see us today?" while we're all running around with our hair on fire trying to get the dog that ate underwear stable for surgery. I think I took a combined 30 minutes for break this week.

By sundown on Tuesday, I was super grateful that I had swapped days off with another tech since it meant I could go home and sleep for 12 hours, but of course it just continued Thursday and Friday. Here's hoping next week will be a little less out of control.

On the upside, I went to the local humane society to look at dogs. I'm in the unique situation where I need someone good with cats and other dogs that is not a puppy and doesn't need to be walked for 7 miles twice a day. Their kennel manager pointed out a few that she knew were cat and dog safe and after talking with her about my life and what I wanted, she pointed out a very pretty spaniel they're calling Lacey who I just adore. She did have a prior application in on her so I'm waiting to hear if that one falls through. I hate to say fingers crossed because it means some kids somewhere have lost the opportunity to have her, but I have already picked a name if I get her so...

Does anyone know of any apps that can be used for icon making? I have yet to roll the laptop back to Windows 7, so I'm working exclusively on the chromebook and I'm desperate to make a few new icons for DW/LJ.
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