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I never make new years resolutions, because, honestly, I am so not good at keeping them. But I do believe in lifestyle changes so I have decided to start doing 1 small thing each month. This month was making the bed every morning, a stupidly simple and mundane thing, but something I have not reliably done in years. It's so far helped to get me out of bed and stay out of bed on work mornings, which means I have had time to pack lunch and make coffee instead of spending 15-20$ a day on the two.

It's also made it more comfortable to write since I can sit back and not fall asleep, LOL!

Next month, I will start using a planner to organize bills, payday, and other dates. Again, something simple and mundane that I haven't done in years and I know will help to get my life back under control. I also plan to use it to keep track of how much I write each day.

And in March, I'm hoping to be up to a post a week minimum and a weekly word count of 2500. Hopefully by then, I'll also have the new chromebook which should make that a very attainable goal.
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