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Chromebook shopping

So in July of '18, I scraped together enough money to buy an Acer R11 Chromebook during Amazon's Prime Day. It was a timely purchase too, because at that point my laptop had started to have some issues. My laptop held out valiantly until after I finished school to really become a headache and now I'm once again starting to put away money for a new computer, but since I like the Chromebooks and I can get so many more apps for free than I can get programs for a windows machine, I'm trying to find another with certain features I prefer like a nano bezel, 14-15.9" touch screen, 8GB RAM, and backlit keyboard.

I have discovered those four things together? Can't get it under 600$ which is so surprising to me. I can get a 15.9" 12GB RAM laptop for ~300$ these days.

Ugh, all I want is a larger screen to read and write fic and I'm guessing it's going to be several months. :/
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