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Cleaning up

Having been away for a while, I decided to clean up things starting last night. So updated the side bar for fandoms/pairings on LJ, cleaned out my inboxes on DW & LJ, and did some minor tweaks to titles & profile, but I plan to drag out my slow AF laptop today and do a few small graphics to replace the images I lost in broken photobucket links. Also, the DW layout is killing me and must be updated.

Stayed up late doing some of that plus working a SW fix-it H/C featuring Poe Dameron (because he hurts so pretty, as the AO3 tag goes). The Lily/James/Severus fic I've been slowly working on is on the back burner for the moment as it gets a bit angsty re: Halloween 1981 and I'm enjoying the thought of a bruised up Poe far more at the moment. I'm also gonna go stealth mode on comment_fic to hunt for some prompts to work with for SGA, because I feel like I dropped Raising Sons without ever really finishing it.

Edit: I forgot how much I hate editing CSS.

How's everyone been doing?
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