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I need a cat icon...

I think the cosmos hears me say "I'm going to write today" and laughs at me. Still, I have several prompts picked out to work on and a few non-prompted ideas floating around my head. This week is going to be crazy busy, but I'm looking forward to the 3 day weekend I'm getting for Christmas since I'm working an extra day as a coverage and hopefully (finally) getting to sit down to rewatch my shows.

That, unfortunately, got pushed to the way side when one of my cats followed shortly thereafter by another of my cats getting sick: thankfully I work where I work and was able to get both dealt with in a timely manner, but it was still stressful. I've actually started looking into CBD or hemp oils for cats as my chronically ill female's coughing is still a struggle to deal with. I've tried conventional medications, but she never stops coughing entirely and I feel bad that she'll wake herself up out of a dead sleep to have a fit. Apparently cbd/hemp is touted as a holistic way of treating feline asthma so hopefully it is something I can try with her.

Today I finished out buying the Christmas gifts for my parents, nieces, and nephews. While I'm going to be late on gifts for my best friend D and her husband, everyone else has their gifts either wrapped or in my home/car. I went crazy buying my two older nieces cutesy girly stuff like hair ties, hand lotion, and animal print face masks, but mostly got the 2 younger kids books and clothes. Mom asked for bird seed & suet which I need to get out of my car before the mice find a way in, but dad's request was harder for me to pull off so hopefully he'll enjoy the duo of dog accessories I've got coming this week. I'm very much looking forward to watching him laugh himself hoarse when he opens a box of 600 rolls of doggie clean up bags--he can never complain he's out of baggies ever again. XD

Still can't believe the year is nearly over.
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