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22 January 2017 @ 07:45 pm
Random Post is Random  
I spend the weekend pretty depressed: my plan had been to leave Friday night, stay over at a hotel, then come home after the march. Then when my parents were freaking out because they'd heard the National Guard had been called up--as they are for most large protests to take place in the Capitol--I told them I would go to the Boston March which was likely to be smaller and in a place I was vastly more familiar with. Driving distance, but I could get a room for Sat night at the Park Plaza for 125$ so I wouldn't have to come back the same day or I could have crashed on my friend H's couch since she's 45mins north of Boston.

Here's the thing about having multiple chronic illnesses: they tend to screw you up at the worst moment.

So instead I stayed home, watching the pictures roll in from all over the world, studying for the 4 tests I had to take today, and tweeting like crazy since that's the social media platform I use for my political side.

I discovered an app called Lemonaid (I use android, not sure about iphone). For a 15$ "visit" fee, you can answer some questions, input some data, and get treatment for a UTI, sinus infection, flu, or get birth control. I don't know if the app will work forever or what will happen if we lose some of the provisions re: BC, but for now, if you need an antibiotic for a sinus infection or birth control prescribed and you can't afford/can't get to a doc, for 15$, it's worth a shot. And if they decline to rx something, you don't get charged. I've used it now myself and it was pretty damn awesome that I didn't need to spend my high copay amount to see my gynocologist at a time that would have required leaving work early or going on my lunch break (which, let's face it, who wants to go back to work after going to the lady doctor?)

There's also a website, Nurx, for birth control and I think they've got more states they can script out with.

I did 2 fills today on comment_fic. One HP (Harry/Hermione/Draco), one SG Multiverse (Deaged AU). I've got a few more prompts I'd like to get something written for this week, plus some additional work on the 007 AU. I still need to look at the romancingmcshep prompts for something additional to work on (also back up in case the AU does to me what Catalyst did to me last year and turns into a monster that I barely finished on time).

I've slowed down posting prompts a bit, which I blame on how tired I was last week from work. I intend to get back in the habit this week since things look like they'll be a bit better: one of our vets is on a month-long vacation to Australia & New Zealand and there's only so much covering the other two vets can do, so like as not, we'll have the opportunity to take days off/leave early. It'll give me time for the comm and for homework which I definitely will need this semester.

Follow up on cats: strawberry mint tea when sapped out of a rug onto a towel with white stripes looks like cat pee and smells just enough like it to question your sanity. Both of my terrors (boy & girl) are fine, thankfully, despite having a mama who can be tricked by tea.
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: Babies Behind Bars
melaganmelagan on January 23rd, 2017 02:02 am (UTC)
I spent the whole day watching the march and rooting for everyone there. It's the most hopeful I've felt since the election results.
aivixaivix on January 29th, 2017 09:10 pm (UTC)
It was a beautiful march. <3 I'm looking forward to the Scientists March next.
popkin16: ☂ by your side i'll make itpopkin16 on January 23rd, 2017 05:52 am (UTC)
I've been reblogging so many Women's March posts on tumblr lol.

I also need to figure out what I'm writing for Romancing McShep. Lately I've been wanting to do something more than just the fluff I always do, but IDK.

Good luck figuring out what you're going to write :) I hope you feel better, bb!
aivixaivix on January 29th, 2017 09:09 pm (UTC)
So much stuff to share after the last few days. I never thought my twitter would be like this.

Ack, I need to sit down and get some more words pounded out for that! I'm so behind!

Thank you, darling! You too! :D