January 23rd, 2016


Second Fic done

I need to upload more icons. Maybe just one specifically for writing... Gonna have to boot up my old comp to find all the ones I had from years ago in the folders.

Finished the second fic for Romancing McShep in two days. 5K+ and John has a dog. Rodney has a cat of course. Total written between the two fic is close to 26K and that's in 13 days. Since there's a few more prompts I like, I'm going to see if I can get a third written between now and Feb 9th, but I'm still trying to decide.

The snow here got work to close at 11am this morning; I left with one of the other girls at 10:30 and thank God I did, because it took close to an hour to get home. :/ The plows didn't even come out until I was half way home. Stupid county.
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