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Happy "it's between Christmas and New Years and that's all I know" week.

I set myself up with a new layout for Christmas and then realized, well, I have the time now to change it out for the new year. I should have waited for January because holy crap, LJ coding is much more difficult than I remember. I was using a layout supplied by one of the layout comms, but just modifying it to get what I wanted was like a crash course in css all over again.

At least it's mostly done and in a pretty teal & yellow (with a hint of purple) color scheme. I need to get my tags situated to the currents the way I want, but that's a battle for another day.

I've been in Florida since Christmas Eve, grateful that I was able to keep my week's vacation as planned. We stayed at Bay Lake Tower in Disney for two nights, then went home to the condo. The weather has been amazing, if a bit hot for me: I'm a girl who likes it no warmer than 75 and it's been getting up to 80-85. Still, no real rainstorms and a good breeze everyday. If hadn't just spent three hours working on the LJ & uploading pictures to FB, I'd post some here.

We've been to all 4 parks and Downtown Disney Springs, all were far more crowded than I care for. I usually am here in the off-season, when you can walk a good distance without walking into other people; I was nearly mowed down by a pre-teen pushing a stroller in Magic Kingdom last night and was stepped on in EPCOT. Animal Kingdom, likely because it was Christmas Day and everyone was waiting to get into MK, was the only one where I was able to move around without bumping into someone. But I'm always glad to be here, so I can't complain too much when I was able to get fastpasses for Toy Story Mania and Expedition Everest. (And got a cupcake from Erin McKenna's.)

I do need to go questing at the Studios for a set of Star Wars light up Mickey Ears. I've been seeing them all over and have told my family that even if I only run in, find them, purchase them, and leave, I'm happy. Seriously, they have X-Wings, TIE Fighters, and the Death Star, the nerd in me requires them.

That will likely be tonight or tomorrow, however, as someone in the house is sick. I can go out on my own, but they said they'd like to go with, so we'll see in a few hours what happens. Otherwise, that means fic. There were some awesome prompts that went up on comment_fic's last few entries and I've got some ideas brewing.
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