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Fic: Pre-Nuptial Biting, Rodney McKay/John Sheppard. AU.

Title: Pre-Nuptial Biting
Fandom: Stargate: Atlantis
Rating: Teen
Summary: When your dragon is your chaperone, your fiance might get a bit tetchy.
Notes: Alternate Universe-Steampunk, Dragons.
Additional Note: Misread a prompt on comment_fic, this is what resulted.

“You,” John grumbled as he stepped into his room, “are a cockblock. You are a blocker of cocks.”

Ace only puffed a bit of smoke at him, almost seeming to smile as he did so. He trotted off toward his bed then, tail flicking in the air behind him and ignoring the glare John shot at his retreating back.

Still glaring, John stomped over to his dresser, slipping out of his vest and entirely too well-fitted leather trousers. The sleeping bottoms he yanked on were treated to a grumbled rant about familiars and fiances, the shirt treated to the same.

“Do you often demean your clothes or is this a case of profound blue balls?”

He turned to find Rodney, that cherished smirk firmly in place, standing in the doorway; he was wary, glancing around for either John's (very traditional) brother or John's (very traditional) dragon.

Hurriedly pulling Rodney fully into the room and closing the door, he whispered, “How did you get up here?”

“It would seem that Mr. Lorne supports you getting laid before you explode from nerves.”

In seconds, John lost his bitter look, his shoulders drooping as he relaxed. He admitted, “Evan has always been good to me, even after Dave became Master of the House,” before leaning in to kiss Rodney soundly. “This has been the longest week of my life.”

“I know. But once we're wed, I take you—and that damned dragon of yours—away from this place once and for all.” Rodney's voice was warm, sensual, in his ear by the last word.

“Thank the Gods.”

This time, it was Rodney who moved to initiate the kiss, but he yelped as sharp little teeth dug into his ankle: Ace let go with a growl once Rodney had let go of John, and huffed at him, smoke trails from his nostrils warning Rodney to keep back.

Rodney, however, stepped toward the familiar, and hissed, “I swear, demon, I'll neuter you.”

Ace skittered forward and latched onto Rodney's trouser leg.
Tags: fanfic, john/rodney, sga

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