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I wrote 16 pages and 5K yesterday.

16 pages.

I have written extremely little since October 2014. My brother's death just rendered me with no desire or ability to sit down to do more than read fic, if even that. So this is kind of boggling my mind. I now have two fics on my comp that are over 15K, both of them SGA for which I had written nothing in close to 8 years.

Maybe this is how a writer's brain reboots? Going back to the first real fandom that you loved and writing like hell? Seriously, I've been taking my computer to my job to work on fic during my lunch break.

I think I'll not look this gift horse in the mouth.

Work was long today and crazy. Our four procedures plus our two hospitalized patients slowed everything down exponentially and I was running from one office to the other to help two of the vets. By the time I could clock out, I practically ran to the car instead of staying the extra two hours I could have. I should be doing homework now, but I can barely string sentences so I'm sitting here with SGA and Tumblr, trying to get a scene written between John and his father. Which, admittedly, is not going well.
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