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Saturday can't come soon enough

Holidays are always bad at work, let me say that right off the bat. Vomiting, diarrhea, foreign bodies, and pancreatitis are EXTREMELY common after July 4th, Thanksgiving, and Christmas. This week, though, I think people started early because it's been pure hell: shortstaffed (understandably) with one vet out some days with her sick newborn, three of our well-known/favorite patients diagnosed with incurable cancers (fucking squamous cell & osteo), and craziness as our vets cram as many patients into their already tight schedules.

We're closed on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day this year which I'm sure is why we're getting the panicked phone calls and angry ones too. As a note, if you ask an office to mail you a prescription because your pet is on a controlled substance medication, don't call the week of Christmas and expect it to be at your door within 48 hours. We cannot control the USPS' delivery on a good day and this is the worst week of the year for letter and package delivery. Please, also, do not wait until you've got two days of pills left to ask for a refill.

Tomorrow will cap it all, too, as I have to drive up to the crematorium to pick up a pet's remains. Why? Because after the pet was euthanized for having possible Rabies, the owners told us they didn't want it Rabies tested. We set the pet up for cremation and went on with our (insane) day. The crematorium came and picked up. An hour later... I am frantically calling the crematorium to ask if the truck is in the area still because I need the remains back for Rabies testing. The truck is far away and they can't come back until next week. I then looked at my boss and said, "Well, I was the Death Fairy today. Might as well continue the trend tomorrow."

As I had to explain to several of the staff who asked why we couldn't wait until next week for it to be returned, Rabies testing requires brain tissue. That brain tissue cannot be frozen, only refrigerated, and must be prepared for testing sooner rather than later. Considering we're testing because a child was injured by the pet, waiting a week is simply out of the question.

But, Ladies and Gents, never let it be said that vet staff don't rise to the occasion, because we were all in good moods today. For all the insanity, we were cracking "That's what she said" jokes, smiling, and got procedures finished by 4pm. Which is pretty awesome considering that there are days when we absolutely hate each other and they're normally on days like these. Blessing of the season, I guess.

Thankfully I start vacation 5pm tomorrow and Florida will be a 2 hour 30 minute flight away Saturday morning. The Mouse is calling me to Orlando, where the temperatures have been so much better than here. Mom even used the DVC points for two nights in Bay Lake Tower, where I will be bringing a bath bomb from LUSH to relax with because jacuzzi tub. I might even bring the laptop into the bathroom with me and pull a Rodney. Okay, not really--the laptop was 750$ and I'm a klutz.

Happy holidays to all. :)
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