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I'm still in shock

I have been trying to make sense of this since 10:30 Tuesday night, when I looked at the states that had been called, the preliminaries that had come in for others, and the electoral votes and realized he was going to win.

Hate won in my country and I don't understand how or why. For the first time in my political life, I am angry with third-party voters; I am angry that the popular vote is not what was important. And I am livid that friends and family are saying that I don't get the right to be upset because "It's done" or "He won, deal with it" when I know without a doubt they would be saying FAR worse things had he lost.

I am blown away by what this means for myself as a woman, the fear I now live with because I foresee cases of "Hey, the President said..." when it comes to sexual assault and abuse. I am devastated for what this likely means for Obamacare, which has made my medical bills manageable and supplied my friends with the healthcare they needed but could never afford. I am horrified what this might mean for my LGBT+ friends who only just got the right to wed, that our new VP thinks Conversion Therapy is legitimate.

I woke up Wednesday to see that the White House is to be filled by a man so vile, so ignorant, so sexist and racist, had been declared winner, and to see that they have the Senate and the House as well. My Government is Republican, I thought as I cried. I am a registered Democrat, a very liberal one, and now I am faced with not only the possessor of the Oval Office appearing to be highly conservative, but my Congress potentially supporting whatever comes through because some people actually believe his rhetoric and sometimes they just vote the party line. This is the true source of my fear, because with a Republican President but a Democratic House and/or Senate, the insanity might have been held back. But it's all Republican for at least the next 2 years.

I have held onto the hope that the Supreme Court can continue to hold the line there, though Justice Scalia's seat needs to be filled and there was a projection that he could have the opportunity to fill 2 more. Justice Ginsburg is helping me to believe--she wore her Dissent collar to a session of the Court Wednesday despite no opinions being read.

And scarier still, we have finally started to slowly creep out of the hole the Recession had most of America in that was created in the aftermath of 9/11, but there's projections that a prolonged, devastating recession will likely a result of this nightmare. I have barely been breaking even these last few years; I have not had a raise in several, because my boss hasn't been able to afford to give anyone raises with the state of the economy. I am living paycheck to paycheck as it is, picking and choosing which medications are more important to get or take on a given day; I have student debt that I will be paying until I hit the grave and credit card debt because I can't always make it to payday.

I just... I am at a loss for how many people in my country, a nation of immigrants and poor, which started with people getting on tremendous journeys on cramped boats to cross an ocean, thought this hairpiece of a man could be a President. A man whose business ventures have all gone bankrupt, either to their failure as a company or to be repeatedly reorganized. A man who seems to think our biggest threat is people crossing the border from Mexico. A man with no political clout whatsoever, who is about to treat my COUNTRY like a BUSINESS prospect.
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