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Time Flies

When you're exhausted, at least. Everyday has pretty much been an exercise in how much I can do before I collapse for the night, but I'm in the home stretch of finishing out my diploma so I'm trying not to get upset about how little time I've got for anything else right now. See friends? Nope, homework. Do some writing? Nope, homework. Go to a play with my family? Okay, but then homework.

Of course, I did get to go to Chicago Con, so there was a bright spot. The post for that is still to be done (oops), but, well, I met several awesome people and got to get pictures and autographs from some of my favorite actors from the franchise. Kind of sad that it was the last one, but I'm hoping it was the last one the way some of the older bands have farewell tours. I might go to the con in Vancouver next year though.

I signed up for the SGA Secret Santa this year and have been trying to come up with an idea for my giftee based off their wants. I think I finally hit on one, though I did think it up while under the influence of a rum and coke so we'll see if in a week I'm moaning about stupidity and what was I thinking? Hopefully it'll be good though since I don't have anything else that would fit. Anyone else on my flist doing it this year? Just curious where people are writing wise.

Related to writing, I've got about a dozen open tabs with prompts from comment_fic and four for avengerkink. I'm a day behind on posts for the former too, so I'm praying that I can catch up on Wednesday when I get a day off from work. I'd like to have a day to get some of these prompts off my screen, so fingers crossed, I can get ahead on homework in the morning and can devote the rest of the day to writing. (TBH, I might just bring my computer to work Monday & Tuesday and write on my lunch break too. It's a bit strange when I do that though--I'm always paranoid my boss is going to walk over while I'm writing something dirty. I will be able to reply to the comments I've been left, however, so there's a plus.)
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