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So close!

We are t-minus 5 hours until I need to be awake again in order to get to the airport for Chicago Con and what am I doing? I'm finally getting the chance to go on LJ.

This semester is wiping the floor with me: Med Care and Nursing are okay, but Pathology is just kicking my ass from one side of the room to another. I'm a terrible visual learner-I need to have my hands on something to really understand-and Path is all "What cell is this? What stage of estrus is this? If you have more than 50% Leukocytes on a slide, what does it indicate?" and damned if I'm not having just a lovely time with that. /sarcasm I just keep reminding myself that I only have one semester left after this.

Thankfully, this weekend will be a chance to relax and unwind a little, though I might do a little homework while I'm there just to try to keep ahead of the curve. I'm bringing my copy of the crowdfunded SGA comicbook for everyone to sign, K is bringing her S1 Official Companion, and we're planning to purchase a few more photo tickets and autographs when we get down. Ahhh, so excited!

I'm also hoping that unwinding means I can get some writing done since that has quite honestly stopped since Pathology really got going. I have several unfinished fills for comment_fic and a 3-part story I started in November of '15 that is only half done.
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