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Sneaky Fandom

This pet came into the AH today:

It took everything I had to not further prove to my coworkers how much of a nerd I am by reciting Rodney quotes all day; I ended up daydreaming about John bringing the dog home and announcing the name and Rodney frowning every time he took it to the vet.

This was waiting for me when I got home:

I completely forgot about the Kickstarter campaign from a while back that I had donated money to for the comic book sixth season. Yay surprise! Now I have to go look up #2 & #3 in print because I got the comics digitally as well, but I think (having read a few pages of #1) that I'm going to need the rest in hard copy.

But that will happen after I go refresh comment_fic and see what's been posted.
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