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Long Day

Anyone who works in an animal hospital will admit you get favorites. Some of them we've known since babies, some are older and sick and we see them every week. This one I saw only a few times, but since I have a soft spot for Maine Coon cats, he weaseled his way into my heart. Sick for weeks, W came in for vomiting and not doing right, had some diagnostics, and went home with meds and instructions to call if he didn't get better.

I'm sure it's obvious that he didn't get better. In fact, he got much worse: a 17+ pound cat that had been 20+ in his hay-day was down to 14 and severely dehydrated. His x-rays showed air in his stomach, intestines, and body cavity; everyone worried he had a penetrating foreign body. His owners okay'd exploratory surgery in the hopes that we could find something repairable and we went in at 10:15 this morning.

. .

His stomach was like a large balloon, as were sections of his bowel; a tumor had formed that, to resect, would have left him with half a stomach and missing a section of bowel. The tumor itself had ruptured, leaving a hole in the stomach that leaked air and fluid into his body cavity. Nodules all over his liver meant the cancer had already metastasized.

The owners came down and said goodbye, and we put him to sleep without ever waking him up.

*sigh* Days like this just fucking suck.
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