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Fic: Prank War II, Gen. NASA AU.

Title: Prank War II
Fandom: Stargate: Atlantis
Characters: John Sheppard, Ronon Dex, Elizabeth Weir, Rodney McKay.
Rating: Teen
Summary: The Prank War continues.
Notes: NASA AU. Social Media fic.
Additional Note: Written for this prompt on comment_fic.

@ColJSheppard Direct Messages
GC Chuck @ChucktheCampbell
Abort mission!

@ChucktheCampbell Direct Messages
Call Me John @ColJSheppard
Send out the Danger Will Robinson to Lorne.
And Amelia.

@ColJSheppard Direct Messages
GC Chuck @ChucktheCampbell
Too late.

Dr. Elizabeth Weir @NASADirector
@ColJSheppard Please join me in my office. #Busted

Call Me John @ColJSheppard
@NASADirector Yes, ma'am. On my way. #IDidNothing

Dr. Elizabeth Weir @NASADirector
@ColJSheppard #10MinuteWarning

makahiki'Imi Loa @SpecialistDex
@ColJSheppard Dude, it went too far.

Call Me John @ColJSheppard
@SpecialistDex How bad?

makahiki'Imi Loa @SpecialistDex
@ColJSheppard This bad.

Call Me John @ColJSheppard

Rodney McKay PhD PhD @JSCFlightDirector
@SpecialistDex @ColJSheppard You're both morons. STOP POSTING ON TWITTER. Tumblr is on this and it's only a matter of time before CNN is.


HOUSTON—It seems the spring fever has hit NASA's Johnson Space Center a bit late this year: a prank war has been carried out among several of the less reserved members of the Agency, including Astronaut John Sheppard and Flight Control Staff Members Radek Zelenka and Charles Campbell.

“There's a lot of pressure on anyone who works here, so it's really just a way for everyone to blow off steam,” one person, who asked not to be named, told us. When asked about how the higher ups might feel about the activity, our source elaborated, “All the pranks are harmless—lots of, like, Elmer's glue on doorknobs and covering offices in post-it notes, that kind of stuff.”

That said, it does appear that the prank war may be over as a photo of NASA Director Elizabeth Weir was released on EVA Specialist Ronon Dex's Instagram page today. In the photo, which does use some of Instagram's inbuilt filters, it appears that Dr. Weir's previously brown hair is now blue. A caption on the post reading This bad references earlier Twitter posts between Dex and Sheppard.

Tags: fanfic, foiled by thermodynamics, sga

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