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Feel like I just found visual gold

A long time ago, I was friends with a couple of girls in SGA fandom and we would regularly send each other things like pictures, penguin paraphernalia, and CD-Rs with ripped copies of other work Joe Flanigan and David Hewlett had done. All of it went into a CD binder to be transported to and from college and eventually got put on a shelf and forgotten about.

Except tonight, after several comment_fic fills and comments about Thoughtcrimes had me wondering why I felt like I had seen that title in my DVD collection, I went and pulled it out. And yep, there it is.

Also: Darklight, Cube, Where the Heart is, Get Down, Autoerotica; episodes of Profiler, Tru Calling, and Birds of Prey that JF did, and an episode of Mutant X that DH did. Century Hotel is missing to my dismay.

Now, if I can figure out how to rip them onto my HD my night will be made.
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