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20 January 2016 @ 08:36 am
Day Off, More Writing  
Gonna break 10000 words today on the romancingmcshep fic. Kind of shocked I've written this much in ten days. Morituri is 17K+ and took two months to get that far, so I guess I'm enjoying writing something that's got a deadline. I'm hoping I can finish this off this week and start on the other prompt I wanted to fill, but we'll see.

School started Monday and I'm a little anxious about the semester. I've been in this program, off and on, for a while and I'd really like to just be done with it, but I've had pretty much no practice previous to Fall semester with blood draws and catheter placement. And this summer I have to start video taping to send back to the profs which is another terrorizing thought altogether. Hopefully, though, I manage to score straight A's again. My GPA could use it after the downfall it took when my brother was at the height of his addiction and I just couldn't pay attention to a class for the life of me.
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: Stargate: Atlantis, "Lifeline"