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Fic: Prank War I, Gen. NASA AU.

+ Part of the Foiled By Thermodynamics Universe
+ Gen (No relationships mentioned/shown)
+ Chuck Campbell, Radek Zelenka, Yee Jee Tso, Elizabeth Weir, John Sheppard.
+ Rated G.
+ Written for this prompt on comment_fic.

GC Chuck @ChucktheCampbell
@ZelenkaJSC This is not a drill. I need a cape. & a tux. Simultaneously. Repeat. Not. A. Drill. #secretreasons

R. Zelenka @ZelenkaJSC
@ChucktheCampbell I have several capes. #secretreasons

Yee Jee Tso @SpareTimeGamer
@ChucktheCampbell I've got a tux that might fit you. #secretreasons? #prankwarmorelikeit

GC Chuck @ChucktheCampbell
@SpareTimeGamer Be careful saying things like that—the Director is practically omnipotent. #NoPrankWarHere

Dr. Elizabeth Weir @NASADirector
@ChucktheCampbell Practically? #IKnowAll #ISeeAll #ISignYourPaycheck

GC Chuck @ChucktheCampbell
@SpareTimeGamer See?

Yee Jee Tso @SpareTimeGamer
@ChucktheCampbell Well, that's just creepy.

Dr. Elizabeth Weir @NASADirector
@ChucktheCampbell For the record, were one to attempt a prank on John Sheppard, I wouldn't post it on Twitter.

Call Me John @ColJSheppard
@NASADirector Come on, Liz, don't warn them. I love watching them formulate plans. #AsIfICanBeBeaten

@ColJSheppard Direct Messages
GC Chuck @ChucktheCampbell
Actually, we're trying to prank Director McKay.

@ChucktheCampbell Direct Messages
Call Me John @ColJSheppard
Turn on LETTERS. I'm helping you plan this.
Tags: fanfic, foiled by thermodynamics, just a tidbit of fic, sga

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