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04 April 2016 @ 04:53 pm
I am aivix and I am an internet addict.  
I spent the weekend with friends from college and discovered something: I am seriously a computer addict. My best friend's house in NH has terrible wifi so I could get on for about five minutes and then the wifi crapped out and I couldn't log back on. I swear I had the fucking shakes: her husband actually asked if I was all right when I wouldn't put my cellphone down to eat. Thankfully, I got to my other close friend's house in MA on Sunday and we both spent the rest of the day on our laptops, keys clicking away while we wrote.

On the upside, the reference file for Foiled by Thermodynamics (Or, SGA the NASA Universe) is all nicely updated. I need to add a few more things, but most of it is now safely saved onto my HD for quick look-up of info.

I got home today though. It was nice to crawl into bed with the laptop and nap after the horror driving was to get from Western Mass to the Hudson Valley in NY. (Seriously, I went to college in Central MA and thank God my MA/NH friends taught me to drive because holy fuck. The only plow I saw the entire 2 1/2 hours I was on the road was stopped in the middle of the road.) And now I'm sitting here playing with the FbT and Long Road to Wisdom (SGA Lifeline AU) master posts--making sure everything is linked and the posts are not difficult to navigate--and hunting for prompts on comment_fic.

Hopefully I can ignore the fact that there is snow outside my window for a few more hours.
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