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Anxiety + Writing :/

I should really be going to sleep now. I have to be at the clinic for 7:30 (to stop a coworker from handling a feral cat that's not RV vaccinated because she thinks the cat is "really sweet, just scared") and then I'm going to be out late since I'm meeting a friend for dinner and Batman versus Superman. So really, sleep would be a good idea.

Except I realize that it's not happening and that the anxiety that's built up over the week has now coalesced into a mad compulsion to write. I just want to sit here and work on anything and everything that I can, be they WiPs or prompts or something new.

Or, alternately, play Assassin's Creed Unity until my thumbs hurt. That seems like a good idea too.

I should probably start taking xanax 30 minutes before bedtime again, but I really don't care for how I feel in the hours after I've taken it. I start to feel dragged down and foggy, which isn't great when I'm trying to do my job plus learn things from my coworkers. Or for when I'm trying to write up my assignments for class.
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